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We play Arma.

Infact, we play a lot of things

We're The Undesirables.


based in Australia, (and New Zealand)

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We're The Undesirables, a Gaming Community

Founded in 2017 as a new home for members of RIFM, The Undesirables (UDS) gaming community has been a free and welcoming home to Milsim and general online gamers ever since. .

While our bread and butter is weekly CO-OP Arma missions on our private server every Tueday night, we're more than a one-night-wonder. We've built a lively community where our members have built lasting friendships, sharing laughs and regularly playing games well beyond Arma. We try to give our members as much support in this as possible through discord, private TeamSpeak Server, and using our private server to host other games as the community asks, such as DayZ, DCS, and Valheim.

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You've made it this far so we must have something that appeals to you, give in to your inner longing, let go.... join us.

If you have any lingering doubts and want to know if our philosopy lines up with yours? UDS doesn't discriminate based on nationality, gender or timezone. If you're willing to put in the effort to be a part of our community we're happy to play along side you. So what effort is require to be a part of UDS? What list of exhaustive rules do you need to abide by?

We try and keep it simple...


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